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Breakouts are inevitable and whether you’ve been combating Acne throughout your teenage years, suffer from occasional breakouts caused by stress or adult hormones – the quest to find the right products for troubled skin is always daunting. If this sounds relatable to you, then you’ll be thrilled to know that Carbon Theory, a breakthrough skincare range for Acne has just landed on the award-winning Clean Beauty discovery platform, Secret Skin.

To celebrate the UAE Year of the 50th, Emirati Skydiver Rashid Abdullah jumped over the iconic Dubai Palm wearing a bespoke wingsuit in UAE flag colours, on his wrist was the new Breitling Aerospace Evo UAE. Limited and numbered to 50 pieces, the watch features a sand coloured dial and has a special ‘Year of the Fiftieth’ engraving on the case back. The watch is now available for pre-order at the Breitling Boutique, Dubai Mall.

The adidas Sport eyewear collection was born to inspire this winning spirit through styles manufactured according to its outstanding technological tradition and the constant study of innovative designs based on a vision of inclusive and sustainable sports.

People have always been fascinated by the stars. Stirred by their profound beauty, we have woven them into religious and spiritual ritual, holding them as symbols of enlightenment, as our wish-granters, our guides, and our good fortune when they are aligned. Millennia have been spent mapping the skies, detailing celestial patterns, and naming galaxies, stars and features of the moon. Uniting science and storytelling, our constellations have taken on animals and personas, inspiring a history of traditions and customs, classic folklore and art that have captured the imagination of generation after generation.

Swiss Arabian, UAE’s first fragrance manufacturer has officially launched its brand-new series, Heritage. The Heritage Series was designed to pay an ode to the UAE’s 50th anniversary, commemorating the brand’s identity as the first fragrance manufacturers in the country, available across all Swiss Arabian outlets and online platform.

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