On the 14th anniversary of his death, Al Watan Al Arabi magazine launched a website dedicated to its founder, the writer Walid Abou Zahr. This comemorative website is a compilation of pictures and achievements in the press field as well as a biography of one of the greatest journalists in the Arab world.

The official website, www.walidabouzahr.com/en/, is in both Arabic and English and offers rare pictures of the writer with prominent Arab leaders as well as untold stories about the attacks on his life in Lebanon and attempted assassination in Paris.

Khaled Abou Zahr, CEO of Eurabia said that the “Walid Abou Zahr Courageous Journalist Award” will be announced soon and will honor journalists who risk their lives daily to document the truth and communicate it to the public around the world.

Although he was subjected to several assassination attempts to silence his free voice, it never detracted Walid Abou Zahr from his positions. He remained one of the most fervent defenders of Arab nationalism. He strongly opposed the Israeli and Syrian invasion of Lebanon, as well as Iranian interference in Arab affairs.

In the early stage of his professional life, Abou Zahr was the editor of the newspaper "Al Moharrer" owned by his family in Lebanon but was then forced to flee his beloved country after the Syrian forces entered the capital. He settled in Paris, where he launched in 1977” Al Watan Al Arabi", the first Arab immigrant magazine from Europe and one of the strongest political voice of the Arab world.

For more than three decades, Abou Zahr experienced the most critical and complex period in the history of the Arab region. It didn’t stop him from launching other magazines and remaining an influential expert on Arab issues until his death in 2004 after a battle with cancer.


Source: Orient Planet PR