No pumpkin? No problem! Costa has a trick up its sleeve with the newest autumn treat – the all-new Honeycomb range. The limited-edition collection is available in Costa cafés across the UAE, and features a collection of stunningly smooth and sumptuous drinks, filled with delicious honey comb treats, and absolutely no tricks.

Coffee-lovers looking to try something new can opt for a Honeycomb Latte Macchiato or a Honeycomb Cappuccino, both beautifully layered with fresh coffee, frothy milk and golden honeycomb syrup, and topped with golden sprinkles. If you’re simply looking for the perfect treat, then go for the Honeycomb Frostino, a golden luxurious drink with rich buttery honeycomb syrup and a swirl of Belgian chocolate sauce, topped with a deliciously light dairy swirl, the perfect autumn treat.

And if the news of cancelled Halloween parties has left you hollow inside, fret not. Costa is treating the kids – and, the young at heart – to some spooky-themed cookies and cupcakes from October 28 until 31.