Introducing a cocoa paradise, capable of satisfying the most insatiable sweet tooth and fulfilling the wildest dessert dreams. At Molten Chocolate Cafe, an extensive menu chock-full of irresistible Central European flavours makes every day Chocolate Day. Cure those confectionary cravings and fill yourself with a happiness that only Molten Chocolate can provide, on Al Majaz Corniche in Sharjah, from December 20, 2019.

From French crepes filled with delicious confectionary options and Belgian waffles covered in a variety of tempting toppings, to richly indulgent brownies drizzled in chocolate, mesmerising Molten Specials and so much more, the menu choices at Molten Chocolate Café are things of pure, unparalleled joy, capable of putting a smile on anyone’s face.

Whether you’re looking for a catch-up over coffee, a Chocolate Fondue Tower with the family, or a feast of sweets with friends, you’ll find the chocolate treats your dreams are made of at this perfect dessert destination. Spread across two floors, with a capacity to hold 220 chocoholics, and featuring an upstairs terrace that overlooks the picturesque Al Majaz Corniche in Sharjah, Molten Chocolate Café has the ideal decadent delicacy for any occasion.

Nilesh Ved, Chairman of Apparel Group, stated, “We are delighted to open the UAE’s first Molten Chocolate Café in Sharjah. At Apparel Group, we are dedicated to bringing dream brands to life, and Molten Chocolate Café definitely falls into that category; it is a unique, family-friendly dessert destination that appeals to all ages, young and old. Having already experienced massive success in Saudi Arabia, opening a Molten Chocolate Café in Sharjah is an endeavour that we are extremely excited to be embarking upon. It is a venture which will undoubtedly grow our reputation in the region’s F&B sector even further.

With a passionate team devoted to giving each and every guest an endorphin-boosting chocolate experience that truly thrills the tastebuds, Molten Chocolate Café is ready to satisfy any sweet tooth. Always remember, if chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question.  


Source: Katch

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