Edraak, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform in Arabic, launched in 2014 by the Queen Rania Foundation to transform the mechanism of access to education in the Arab World by providing unique and vital opportunities has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Strategy Directives, an EdTech consultancy and the founders of “Maharatkom” psychometric assessments for high school students, job seekers as well as midlevel and senior employees.

The MoU aims to empower youth and job seekers in the Arab World with twenty-first century skills that are increasingly in demand in today's workplace. This is achieved by assessing behavioral skills and personality traits of the candidate using the “Maharatkom” solution, which is a psychometric assessment in the form of a web based interactive assessment that uses artificial intelligence and gamification. The reports resulting from Maharatkom will be mapped with courses and specializations available on Edraak’s platform to determine the training needs.

Nisreen Rawashdeh, Program Manager at Edraak, said:  “Edraak is looking forward to this partnership, which contributes in enhancing the exchange of expertise and best practices and supports our strong belief in Psychometric Assessments; to guide learners to the most appropriate training courses to excel and increase their productivity in their workplace. We hope that this partnership will result in achieving our common goals of providing access to various fields of knowledge through Edraak’s educational platform.

Khairy Abuljebain, Managing Director of Strategy Directives said: “Following several international and regional studies, it became evident that the labor market and skills required in the workplace have changed in the last five years. The skills required in the workplace of the future include personal key behavioral attributes along with life skills as they affect the career path of the employee and the self-sustainability of the entity. We are looking forward to this partnership which strives to equip job seekers in the region with required new skills that include communicative, innovative, analytical, and organizational skills through Edraak”

Strategy Directives, the developers of "Maharatkom" platform, delivers pioneering solutions in psychometric assessments to assess behavioral and soft skills for high school students, job seekers, and middle to senior level employees. It also provides HR solutions and implements social development projects that aim to empower individuals with the skills most in demand in the Arab world. Maharatkom has been adopted by international and governmental bodies and has so far assessed more than 10,000 job seekers.

Source: Queen Rania Foundation