A delegation from the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), headed by HE Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman, SCCI, recently visited the House of Wisdom, the cultural hub that reflects the latest model of the world's futuristic libraries. The visit aims to learn closely about the services provided by this cultural edifice in an innovative way bringing together the concept of a library and social and cultural forum and reflecting the development process witnessed by the Emirate of Sharjah.

The delegation included a number of members of the Board of Directors, HE Muhammad Ahmed Amin Al-Awadi, Director-General, SCCI, and a number of employees, and was received by HE Marwa Obaid Al-Aqroubi, Director of the House of Wisdom, who accompanied the delegation in a tour of the departments and facilities of the house and provided a detailed explanation about the objectives of establishing the centre.

The delegation also toured the massive library which contains hundreds of thousands of books in different domains and was briefed on the social and cultural services offered by the center in an innovative and sophisticated way.

Abdullah Sultan Al Owais expressed his admiration for this edifice which reflects the scientific and cultural contributions provided by the Emirate of Sharjah to the entire world and also embodies a positive and bright image of the emirate's achievements within its sustainable cultural project.

Al Owais noted that the House of Wisdom project provides a model of a library that brings together the concept of a library and the social and cultural forum in an innovative manner that is powered by the latest advanced technologies, stressing the importance of the project being one of the most exceptional cultural projects that enhance the well-established cultural position of the emirate of Sharjah.

Mohamed Ahmed Amin Al Awadi, in turn, said: "Sharjah's House of Wisdom project is a beacon for science and culture that reflects the genuine meaning of Sharjah's cultural and knowledge message. The project also provides an innovative model of futuristic libraries at the local and global levels."

The House also offers visitors a unique and unprecedented experience based on humanitarian communication which reflects the authentic identity of the Emirate of Sharjah, an identity that is based on the fact that the book and building a human being is the mainstay of renaissance and development of societies.

Source: Misbar Communications


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