“Zayed Humanitarian Day represents the core values of the UAE: compassion, empathy and charity. To date, the nation’s humanitarian initiatives, partnerships and achievements are a testament to our enduring commitment to the principles that our Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, instilled in the people of the UAE.

“Sheikh Zayed was a true leader, always extending a hand to all nations across the globe and highlighting the UAE’s leading humanitarian efforts. Today, our leadership continues to follow in our Founding Father’s footsteps, which has seen the UAE rank as the top nation in the world for offering humanitarian aid and relief to more than 178 countries.

“The UAE continues to strive to be one of the most benevolent nations in the world today, having donated up to AED275 billion in aid and relief efforts since its formation. Indeed, our humanitarian approach, coupled with the values of tolerance and solidarity, and our efforts to further advance socio-economic development around the world, form the UAE’s modern identity.”

Source: APCO Worldwide

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