GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (GWR), the global authority on record-breaking achievements, reveals the record-holding stars of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2022 (GWR2022), now available in stores and online across the UK today.

The newest edition of the book is jam-packed with astounding records that helps readers to continue to discover the world around them. Despite the challenges of the past year, the Guinness World Records team continued to field thousands of applications each month so expect a unique mix of remarkable humans, talented pets, incredible vehicles, impressive sporting legends , and latest cutting-edge science.

The changing pace of the last year has also given us the opportunity to take stock of our planet and explore the current state of the environment, as seen through our unique record-breaking lens. The Guinness World Records book editors have chosen to curate the annual with environmental issues at the forefront of their minds and ensured that the paper and production processes are ethically sourced and environmentally sound.

The record-breaking superstars revealed today include:

·         LOLLIPOP AND SHASHIMI (CAN)- fastest 5m on a scooter by a dog and cat (pair) – 4.37 seconds
Lollipop (dog) and Sashimi (cat) from Canada are scooter enthusiasts. To Melissa Millett’s surprise, this cat and dog duo came up with the trick on their own. Both enjoyed solo scootering, but during practice one day, Sashimi decided to steal a turn, Lollipop hopped on, and the rest is history. They created the trick themselves and Millett was shocked! Millett describes Sashimi as “your typical diva.” She is very busy learning new tricks and loves distracting the dogs. Lollipop has been described as one in a million and Millett says, “she is fearless on obstacles.” Millett has even caught Lollipop scootering when she leaves the room!

·         BETHANY LODGE (UK) – fastest 100m forward rolls – 42.64 seconds & Most backwards somersault burpees in 30 seconds - 5
Bethany Lodge, 28 from Oxford, UK has been a gymnast since she was a young girl. During the coronavirus pandemic, Bethany found it difficult to find the motivation to keep exercising to the same level as she had been previously, with many training places having to close. Attempting these records was a way to have a fitness goal to work towards, without needing equipment. And also as a reminder that exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun, or unusual! On hearing she would feature in GWR2022 Bethany said she felt honoured. Her friends and family think it is pretty cool too and caused a few of them to think about what things they could attempt which is exactly what she was hoping for as she wanted to inspire people to achieve new goals.

·         LAETITIA KY (IVORY COAST)– most skips over a person’s own hair in 30 seconds – 60

Laetitia Ky, 25 from Abidjan in Ivory Coast is an artist known for creating sculptures with her hair, but is also a model, content creator, and actress. This record is a combination of her hair sculpting ability as well as skipping rope. For this new record, Laetitia braided her natural hair and then added extensions to form the ‘rope’ she would use to skip. Her passion for hair sculpting was inspired by the different pre-colonial hairstyles of women from her African culture. She has been hair sculpting for four years and her family and friends love her skill. She can create many different and complex hair designs that can range from 20 minutes to 3 hours to finish. Laetitia says it feels amazing to have broken this record and that she considers it a big honor. She attempted to break this record to inspire others to celebrate their talents. 

·         ZION CLARK (USA) – fastest 20m walking on hands – 4.78 seconds
Zion Clark 23 from Ohio, USA, was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome which means he was born with no legs. His birth mother was unable to care for him and he was placed in the foster care system soon after birth. Clark’s positive mindset helped him persevere throughout his life. He was introduced to wrestling in elementary school and, despite not winning a match for several years, became an incredible wrestler in high school. His perseverance and passion for the sport paid off. Clark now has his eye on the Olympics and his goal is to become the first American athlete to compete in both the Olympic (wrestling) and Paralympic (wheelchair racing) games in 2024. Clark says he feels like “a member of an elite group” to be in the GWR2022 edition.

·         PRATIK MOHITE (INDIA) – shortest competitive bodybuilder (male) - 102 cm (3 ft 4 in)
Pratik Mohite, 25, from Maharashtra, India broke the record for Shortest Competitive Bodybuilder (male) with a height measuring at 102 cm (3 ft 4 in). Pratik started Bodybuilding 2012 and it took him a few years to get started as he was struggling to grip the equipment during his workouts. People thought he was weak and Pratik thought of bodybuilding as being fit and strong so his passion came from the fact he can convey the message that anyone can do anything if you have a goal and stay focused. Pratik says achieving the Guinness World Records title is the biggest achievement of his career so far and thinks it will be a life changing moment to see his name in the book.

Other record-breakers revealed today include:

·         Lou, owned by Paige Olsen (USA) – longest ears on a dog (living) – 34 cm (13.38 in)

·         Olivier Rioux (CAN) – tallest teenager living (male) – 226.9 cm (7 ft and 5.33 in)

·         Morgan Parsley (CAN) – largest feet on a teenager – 30.9cm (12.25 in)

·         Jorge Arias Garcia (MEX) – largest collection of cars memorabilia – 1,200

·         Maria Wattel (NL) – tallest competitive bodybuilder (female) – 182.7 cm (5 ft 11.92 in)

·         Oliver Richters (NL) – tallest competitive bodybuilder (male) – 218.3 cm (7 ft 1.9 in)

The new book embarks on a voyage through the vast panorama of record-breaking in 10 fact-packed chapters:

·         Environmental champions – the eco-warriors fighting to make our planet a better place 

·         Wonders of the natural world –from the most intelligent creatures to the deadliest plants 

·         The tallest and shortest– Our record scouts have measured a host of the world’s loftiest and diminutive humans 

·         Pop Culture icons – we reveal the world’s most successful movie franchises, videogames, toys and brands 

·         Young Achievers – meet the under-16 influencers, entrepreneurs and entertainers who are taking positive steps to change the world 

·         Sporting heroes – we review the biggest sporting achievements of the year and put them in context alongside the greatest athletes of all time 

·         PLUS! Look out for bonus features including free Augmented Reality dinosaurs that come to life straight off the page; more inductees into the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame, including Sir David Attenborough, astronaut Peggy Whitson and K-Pop sensations BTS; and “Virtual Visits” that take you on a journey to some of the most fascinating and record-packed visitor attractions, museums, art galleries and parks – all without leaving your bedroom! 

Source: Guinness Worldrecords