The activities of the fifth edition of the Al Dhaid Date Festival are currently underway at the Expo Al Dhaid amid a high turnout of visitors and remarkable participation from palm and fruit farm owners in the various competitions of the festival.

This year's edition is not only dedicated to the 'Mazayna' competitions but it also sees a strong presence of palm owners and producers, agricultural equipment and technologies companies, in addition to special stands for heritage products and natural honey.

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), the organizer of the event, has also allocated the biggest area of the festival for Government agricultural agencies, as part of the Chamber's keenness to make the event an outstanding gathering for palm and dates lovers, whether from the individuals and institutions, to exchange technical expertise and promote local products.

Al Dhaid Date Festival has become a national, social, and heritage gathering for the farmers and merchants from the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE in general, said HE Mohamed Ahmed Amin Al Awadi, Director-General, SCCI, adding: "The festival is also considered an annual platform for palm owners to promote their products through the display stands the SCCI provides to enhance the quality of participation and exchange experiences."

Apart from the 'Mazayna' competitions which focus on reviving the legacy of forefathers, the event also aims to give particular attention to farmers and palm products by highlighting the outstanding quality of production in the central region, he noted.

Al Awadi pointed out that organizing the festival annually significantly contributes to developing production, varieties, and methods of combating by attracting major companies specialized in this field. Our goal is to enhance farmers' awareness, advance palm cultivation, and enhance its competitiveness, as palm cultivation has become an integral part of the economic pillars of the country, he said in conclusion.

A number of participants in the Festival lauded the unstinting support of the wise leadership for sponsoring such events. They also commended the SCCI's role in making a way for them to take part in the event to showcase and promote their products in such a pioneering event.

Ali Salem Suleiman, owner of Al Dhanhani honey, said: "I'm so thrilled to participate in the festival which plays a pivotal role in highlighting and promoting the national product. It is also an opportunity to contribute to reviving the legacy of our ancestors, in addition to inheriting traditional crafts to future generations and instilling in them that these crafts are productive projects with lucrative returns for the family and supportive of the national economy."

Muhammad Khamis bin Badi, owner of Al-Badi Company for heritage products, said: "Al Dhaid Date Festival is an annual gift for the people of the central region of the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE in general, since it reminds us of the authenticity of our past and legacy."

He added that dedicating special stands for heritage products is an important opportunity for workers in this field to promote and market their products that constitute a source of attraction for tourists and visitors coming to Sharjah and the UAE.

Abu Abdullah, owner of Al Fahad Dates & Coffee Trading, hailed the unwavering support of the Sharjah Chamber for date traders, noting that big discounts in rental prices offered by the Chamber encourage him to participate in the event and take advantage of its position and importance. He praised the precautionary measures followed in the festival which had an impactful role in making visitors flock to the venue and buy their favorite dates.

Source: Misbar Communications