In conjunction with the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which is observed annually on 26th June 2021 Dubai Customs is organizing the second Dubai Customs Forum virtually next Wednesday.

This year’s edition will run under the theme: “Committed to our Homeland. Drugs are a Crime”, and the sessions will highlight the UAE efforts in combating drugs and how best to exchange experiences and best practices to intercept, detect and thwart smuggling attempts. Participants will raise awareness around the perils of drugs and ways of safeguarding the society from its hazards.

“Dubai Customs is hosting the second edition of this important forum following its commitment and vision of protecting the society from the hazards of drugs,” said H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs. “Protection is our strategic goal, and this is heavily embedded in the Department’s 2021-2026 five-year plan. We aim to lead globally in security and safety, and these forums connect us to our stakeholders and other regional and global authorities to facilitate exchange of customs information and be able to spot and intercept suspicious shipments before arriving into the entry points. This is vital in combating smuggling and trade fraud. The development of smuggling methods is one of the challenges facing administrations worldwide, and there have been increasing attempts to smuggle drugs in the recent years. This necessitates cooperation and exchange of intelligence data between different parties.”

Last year’s edition was a big success and saw the active participation of Federal Customs Authority, the Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices (RILO), the Saudi Customs Authority, the local customs departments in the UAE and more than 200 specialists.

Source: Dubai Customs

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