The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS), a regional leader in banking and finance education and training, has conducted the first-of-its-kind ‘Future Proof’ Banker program with Citibank. Over 100 Emirati professionals from Citibank have completed the first module of the program.

The program, targeting Emirati talent in the banking and financial services sector, is aimed at imparting holistic awareness among professionals in the industry and preparing them to future proof their careers from a technical and emotional perspective. The current sector landscape, due to the ongoing pandemic, has created a need to be prepared for any untoward circumstances. Banking and finance professionals are seeing the trends changing and are feeling the need to further upskill themselves to create a better future in the sector.

Two programs were rolled out – one at the Associate Level, which focuses on creating awareness; and one at the Officer Level, focusing on creating working knowledge and application of knowledge.

The program, which spans five working days, is clearly defined to upskill and future proof the Emirati talent in technology, emotional and social skills, advanced cognitive skills and project assessment skills.

The associate level program focuses on awareness and covered topics under, digital disruption and technology awareness, social and emotional intelligence in disruptive workplace and embracing change and innovation. While the analytical level program focused on emerging technologies and impact, design thinking led innovation and social and emotional intelligence in disruptive workplace.

In his comments, Jamal Al Jassmi, General Manager of EIBFS, said: “We are proud to present a unique program to Citibank employees. These unprecedented times have led us to create more learning and training avenues that help the bankers of today in building their skills that will help them now and in the future. We have seen the banking industry evolve and now more than ever is the time for greater understanding and emergence of new ways of protecting the future of the bankers. Our Future Proof Banker program has all the elements needed for bankers to understand what next and how to deal with it. The brightest minds at EIBFS have carefully collaborated to provide the best of learning experience to these banking and finance professionals.”

“Our commitment is to support banks and financial institutions to continue building a better understanding of the industry. We remain steadfast in our commitment and are proud of our association with Citibank for the Future Proof Banker program. We hope the banking and financial professionals from Citibank are able to get a true sense of the skills required in the real workplace in today’s banking world – both from a technical as well as the emotional viewpoint,” he added.

Ali Sajwani, Senior Vice President, Human Resources (UAE) at Citibank, said, “The Future Proof Banker program with EIBFS is a part of our commitment to offer valuable experiential learning opportunities to our employees and to equip them with up-to-date technical knowledge and practical problem-solving skills, including the emotional touchpoints. The program helps us upskill the team to a completely new level in the changed work and life environment. This was the first-ever digital programme that was done via online applications such as Zoom during the current pandemic. Following a stringent selection process, comprising of carefully screened applications, more than hundreds of individuals from our Emirati banking team undertook the program. Through our long-standing association with EIBFS, we have been able to honor our commitment towards continued education of our employees.

After Introducing ‘Mehnaty’, a premier cross-business and cross-geographical Emirati leadership development program within Citi, a 1-year program that prepares junior talent for senior roles, Citi has grown in the UAE and assumed a leading position in the banking sector for more than 50 years.

He pointed out that the bank persists in supporting the Emiratization efforts made by the state by fostering national skills and contributing to building the new generation of future leaders for the national economy, through a "professional" program that helps citizens obtain an administrative job within 5 years of training in various sectors in the bank, in a period of 12 to 18 months, in order to acquire all knowledge and skills and be qualified for an administrative position within the bank.

“EIBFS has continued to pave the way for innovative thinking in the banking and financial education space. The Institute’s trainings and programs have always been up to date and forward thinking which is one of the biggest criteria for Citibank while enrolling employees in educational programs. The current situation has led us to undertake more trainings for employees and the Future Proof Banker program is an important one,” he added.
The five-day program had accomplished industry experts with global experiences as trainers who also worked towards providing a holistic learning experience by that blended industry knowledge with practical learning experiences.

Source: apcoworldwide

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