The Red Sea International Film Festival (RSIFF) announced ‘CORE’ as a main sponsor for the festival today. CORE Social Wellness Club is a unique private membership club with state-of-the-art wellness & fitness facilities. Their holistic approach to Wellness & their unparalleled lifestyle offering set a new benchmark for the ultra-luxury social wellness sphere in the region.

After its tremendous success in the region the company has plans to expand its presence to global destinations like Paris, London, New York & Los Angeles with a range of bespoke lifestyle brands. Its vision is to be the premier luxury social wellness community in the MENA region & globally.

The Red Sea International Film Festival aims to promote cross-cultural exchange and foster the growth of the Arab film industry, positioning Saudi Arabia as a contributor to the international film industry whilst creating and delivering a world-class event for the people of Saudi Arabia. The festival will have several sponsors, one of the main sponsors being CORE, who is a pioneer in the ultra-luxury wellness industry. CORE Social Wellness Club’s current locations include Jeddah, Egypt and will soon open its doors in the heart of Riyadh.

Justin Musgrove (CEO of CORE LIFE) said: “CORE” is proud to be partnering with the Red Sea International Film Festival, the first Saudi film festival and the biggest cinematic event to grace the Arab World. CORE is the first Saudi lifestyle brand to offer ultra-luxury social wellness club spaces in the Kingdom, and we believe that partnering with other pioneers such as the Red Sea International Film Festival only serves to elevate our local and international standing”. He continued, “We take great pride in The Kingdom’s ambitious plan, and CORE is committed to playing its role in the realization of Vision 2030 by contributing to enhancing the quality of life of individuals and families, creating jobs, diversifying economic activity, and raising the status of Saudi Arabian cities to rank among the best cities in the world.”.

Shivani Pandiya Malhotra, Red Sea International Film Festival Managing Director, commented on the sponsorship announcement, saying: “We are pleased to announce CORE as a main sponsor for the festival. Just as the Red Sea International Film Festival aims to transform the cinema industry in the Kingdom, CORE Social Wellness Club contributes to transforming the wellness offering in Saudi Arabia, we strive to align ourselves with bold, visionary local brands that create an unparalleled unique experience for the Saudi public, and CORE represents that.”

Being part of ‘CORE LIFE’ - a privately owned Saudi lifestyle company with international reach – the brand is embedded in a wider ecosystem of homegrown Saudi lifestyle brands. Currently CORE Life invests in and operates a complete range of high-quality hospitality products and services, namely CORE Social Wellness Club, CORE Food and Beverage, CORE Residences, and CORE Adventure and Excursions.

Source: Edelman