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The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has urged Middle East businesses to explore the challenges and opportunities offered by disruptive technologies in order to reap their benefits. The accountancy and finance body explained that new technologies are increasingly becoming vital as they can boost efficiency and provide more valuable insights to businesses, if implemented in the right way. This was the consensus during ICAEW’s seminar about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber and Data, the ABCD of technology.

With the demand for color inkjet pages expected to grow more than five-fold through 20221, print providers need more productivity and flexibility from their inkjet devices to capture that growth. To respond to the demand, Xerox has increased output capacity for the Xerox Brenva® HD Production Press by 40 percent, expanded stock choices and added a roll feed capability for continuous operation.

Customer data is the internet’s new currency. For companies, collecting, authenticating and protecting their customers data is an effort amounting to billions of dollars each year. Traditional data handling solutions are not built with newly implemented, data protection legislation like GDPR in mind, resulting in an increase of processing costs and time as well as poor customer satisfaction and ROI.

The Twitter Rules apply to everyone who uses Twitter. In the past, we’ve created our rules with a rigorous policy development process; it involves in-depth research and partnership with the members of our Trust and Safety Council and other experts to ensure these policies best serve every person on the service. Now, we’re trying something new by asking everyone for feedback on a policy before it’s part of the Twitter Rules.

HP Inc. announced its most affordable professional certified desktop1 – the HP EliteDesk 705 Workstation Edition. The HP EliteDesk 705 Workstation Edition is a professional desktop for power users who are ready to upgrade to workstation performance at an exceptional value. This model provides optimal multitasking performance, runs certified software and features advanced security and easy manageability.

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