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Samsung Gulf Electronics has revealed that the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G pre-order rollout phase was a huge success across the UAE. Between August 11 and September 9, pre-orders increased by 8x compared to 2020 when the previous generation was released, with Samsung’s value market share in the UAE in the overall smartphones category amounting to 41% in H1 2021.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the nature of and targets for cyberattacks have rapidly shifted from mere data and applications to critical infrastructure such as gas pipelines and food suppliers. Additionally, organizations that have been greatly impacted by the pandemic, including healthcare and educational institutions, have become more specifically targeted by threat actors. As this new threat environment spans both the digital and physical worlds, employing a Zero Trust security strategy is now more critical than ever. In fact, after the latest string of attacks during the first half of 2021, President Biden issued an executive order aimed at improving cybersecurity for both public and private organizations. The order emphasized the importance of a Zero Trust approach.

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