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Investors in technologies start to dominate the rankings of the world’s billionaires. A comparison of this year’s data with figures from five years ago (2016) shows a clear shift from traditional industries and diversified portfolios towards a bet on new technologies. While five years ago, the top five richest people in the world according to the Forbes ranking included just Bill Gates (1) and Jeff Bezos (5), this year’s TOP5 only comprises one person not concentrating on technologies - Bernard Arnault who controls the luxury brand Luis Vuitton. In the top ten, ‘technologists’ have taken seven positions compared to minority four places five years ago. This is the result of the industry analysis of billionaires’ wealth made by Gulf Brokers.

Kyriba’s Currency Impact Report (CIR), a comprehensive report detailing the impacts of foreign exchange (FX) exposures among 1,200 multinational companies based in North America and Europe, revealed negative impact from currency volatility of $6.16 billion. European companies experienced greater headwinds than their North American counterparts in the fourth quarter of 2020, reporting $4.77 billion in FX-related negative impact. By comparison, North American corporations reported $1.39 billion in negative impact. Kyriba is a global leader of treasury, finance and IT cloud software.

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