By Mansoor Sarwar, Regional Technical Director at Sage Middle East


The impact of digital transformation on every aspect of the business – from back-office processes to the customer experience – means that it’s more important than ever for technology and business strategy to be in lockstep. Though there is a great deal of discussion about the importance of the chief executive, CMO (chief marketing officer), and CHRO (chief HR officer) in digital transformation, the pivotal role of the CFO (chief financial officer) is sometimes overlooked.

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Saturday, 04 May 2019 06:34

In retail, trust is everything

While e-commerce is set to double in the next three years, some consumers are still wary of spending online. Rahul Duragkar, Managing Director of UAE-based online retailer Shopinc, enumerates 3 ways that online retailers can build – and keep – consumer trust


In business as in love, trust is everything. With consumers anticipating online companies to provide quality products beyond advertised timeframes, there is a greater need for quality products and discounts, which are applicable all year round to foster good and long consumer relationships. In a scenario where consumers are increasingly purchasing online, thanks to convenience, 24/7 storefronts and a wider product selection, trust assumes more importance than ever. In this current set of things, has emerged as a key online player in the UAE market that believes in fostering long term relationship with consumers by offering quality products and discounts, which are applicable all year round.

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Author: Aaron Weiss, vice president and general manager, Retail Solutions, HP Inc.


It’s been an exciting couple of months for us on the HP Retail Solutions team. Late last year, we unveiled a new portfolio of retail devices, including the brand new HP Engage Go Convertible, the next generation of sleek, versatile, and secure technology for the rapidly evolving needs of retail and hospitality customers. And earlier this year at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show, we announced the new HP Engage One Prime, an Android-based all-in-one point-of-sale system designed specifically for the retail and hospitality space, and we are just getting started.

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By Gautam Kumar, Co-Founder & COO, FarEye


Gone are those days when managing transportation was perceived as an afterthought. And thanks to uncompromising customer expectations this arm of a supply chain and logistics is now as important as planning procurement, managing inventory, and optimizing warehousing.

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By Rami Hmadeh, CEO, Serviceplan Group Middle East


In order to strategically position your brand, you must fully understand the consumers’ buying behaviour. By understanding what exactly informs a consumer’s purchase decision, you will be in a better position to communicate why your brand is by far the best bet for the customer.

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$10tn has flowed into alternative investment markets since they were founded, and skilled investors at the 8th AIM Summit are sharing their strategies.


In times of great economic change, investors are faced with three directions. Many will stay locked in the past, in giants like GM, then are shocked when giants declare their losses. Some see the present opportunities, the winners in the innovation race like Apple and Facebook, where the risk is buying in after the peak. Today skilled investors are balancing their portfolio by looking to the future, to the winners and innovators of tomorrow, in the emerging alternative investment markets.

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Threat actors are relentlessly targeting end users for their credentials to penetrate corporate networks and businesses must be proactive in their cyber security hygiene measures, explains Kamel Heus, Regional Director, Northern, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Centrify.


The recent Intersec 2019 held in Dubai had an interesting participant: an American company selling padlocks of increasing size and weight, guaranteed to be unbreakable.

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By Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Middle East at Veeam


Today’s businesses face the dual challenges of not only managing and mining the data they produce and use, but also ensuring that the digital experience that is generated using the data is always-on for both internal and external customers. To solve these challenges, business leaders need a deeper understanding of how data is changing and how new technologies and approaches can unleash its full value.

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Monday, 04 March 2019 21:01

Making Every Year Your Career Year



Do phrases like “Next year is going to be my year, I can feel it” or “that’s next year’s problem” sound familiar?  Are you the type of person who, if unable stick to their New Year resolutions from the start, gets so tempted to just drop the ball completely?

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By Mansoor Sarwar, Technical Director at Sage Middle East


As competition gets tougher and complexities in workplaces continue to surge, successful businesses will need to seamlessly integrate technology and talent to transform existing ways of working. Significantly, this digital transformation within a business must span all departments and areas of operation, including Human Resources (HR).

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