Thursday, 16 May 2019 16:07

One Year Anniversary of GDPR - 25th May 2019

Written by Danny Allan

Spokesperson: Danny Allan, VP, Product Strategy at Veeam


“Over the past twelve months, GDPR has displayed two key characteristics: it’s both specific, and it has teeth. GDPR is clear about who it serves, who it applies to, what it enforces and what the penalties for failure to do so are. As a result of this, people are increasingly viewing data privacy as a basic human right, akin to freedom of speech.

“Simply put, GDPR is working. We can expect to see more fines, harsher penalties and further efforts to expose incompliance. We will also see a shift in the way organizations use personal data – the lifeblood of businesses in the digital era. Data collected today can be mined for insight tomorrow and used to create better user experiences, develop products which answer genuine market needs, and reward customers for loyalty.

“As user awareness gets higher, tolerance towards organizations who are seen to be collecting but not respecting data, will get lower. Therefore, organizations that fail to get to grips with data privacy and adapt culturally will face a backlash from customers and regulators. Becoming GDPR-compliant is an ongoing journey and success should not be viewed as not being fined. Organizations must take pride in understanding, managing and protecting their data as compliance is one step on the way to becoming a data-driven business.”