Monday, 26 November 2018 06:30

New Year, New Home: How to transform spaces with minimal effort

Written by Medy Navani

Words by Medy Navani, Founder and Creative Director of Design Haus Medy


As the saying goes, “New Year, New You” but sometimes it isn’t necessarily the individual who needs the change. With every passing trend, you may have noticed your home feels a little "behind the times", or maybe you have just grown bored with the aesthetics. Whatever it is, it needn't be an undertaking of extreme renovation, with sometimes the smallest of changes transforming a room into something that feels brand new. But where to start you may ask? Here, Medy Navani, Founder and Creative Director of Design Haus Medy, provides his quick tips on transforming spaces with minimal effort.

1. Paint

Colour is a great way to revive a room. Start by adding a new lick of paint to the walls, either by completely changing the colour or just reinvigorating the original. Alternatively, try painting statement pieces of furniture, such as the coffee table or dresser, to change the decor further and add a new vibrancy to the room.

2. Slip it on

You don’t have to completely "out with the old" and buy brand new couches and cushions. There are a variety of slip-on options that can be bought and used interchangeably. This is a great way to use what you already have in terms of furniture but making it into something new with fresh linen, covers and throws.

3. Move it

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective. By changing the arrangement of the furniture in the room it can quickly refresh and transform it. Even swapping furniture pieces from other rooms in the house can make a difference. Simple but effective.

4. Plant it

Greenery in the home can add a natural element and provide variety to the decor. Try using larger potted plants in the corners of the room to frame. Alternatively, smaller hanging plants are great to dot around.

5. Strike a pose

Use your favourite family photos to create a gallery wall. Not only is it a great way to feature memories, but it will also be a unique feature for guests to enjoy.

6. It’s all in the lighting

Use lighting to transform a room by choosing different types of light bulbs and shades. An electrician is actually not as expensive as you may think so if you are looking for unique lighting fixtures, such as hanging open light bulbs or spotlights, this can easily be done at minimal cost. Even just changing the shades on your current lamps to a different colour or style will change the outlook of the room.