Threat actors are relentlessly targeting end users for their credentials to penetrate corporate networks and businesses must be proactive in their cyber security hygiene measures, explains Kamel Heus, Regional Director, Northern, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Centrify.


The recent Intersec 2019 held in Dubai had an interesting participant: an American company selling padlocks of increasing size and weight, guaranteed to be unbreakable.

Saturday, 16 March 2019 14:57

Worst Passwords in the World You Should Never Use

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NordVPN Gives Advice on How to Create Strong Passwords


March 14, 2019. For the fifth year in a row, the world’s most popular passwords are “123456” and “password.” Despite the constant reminders from cybersecurity and digital privacy experts, people still tend to create weak and easily hackable passwords. It is estimated that about 3% of internet users have used “123456” and approximately 10% used at least one of the top 25 worst passwords.

Monday, 11 March 2019 18:40

Women of the Channel

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By Lisa Graham, Channel Marketing Manage


Friday, March 8th, 2019 was International Women’s Day, a time when the world recognizes the contributions and accomplishments of women across the globe and acknowledges the continuing strides being made toward a more gender-balanced world.

By: Brad Bell, Chief Information Officer at Infoblox


Migrating to the cloud is a strategic move for organizations today. The benefits are ripe, allowing organizations to cut costs on hardware, increase the scalability and reliability of applications and shift focus to delivering new offerings to market. However, despite this, few truly understand the implications of what a cloud migration truly entails.

By Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Middle East at Veeam


Today’s businesses face the dual challenges of not only managing and mining the data they produce and use, but also ensuring that the digital experience that is generated using the data is always-on for both internal and external customers. To solve these challenges, business leaders need a deeper understanding of how data is changing and how new technologies and approaches can unleash its full value.

by Thomas Vanhee, Roberto Scalia, Laurent Bertin and Mahadi Osman


The Double Tax Treaty (“DTT”) between the UAE and the KSA provides a significant tax incentive for businesses operating in the two contracting states. A positive impact on investment and trade between the two contracting States is expected in the aftermath of its entry into force. 

Monday, 04 March 2019 21:01

Making Every Year Your Career Year

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Do phrases like “Next year is going to be my year, I can feel it” or “that’s next year’s problem” sound familiar?  Are you the type of person who, if unable stick to their New Year resolutions from the start, gets so tempted to just drop the ball completely?

By Mansoor Sarwar, Technical Director at Sage Middle East


As competition gets tougher and complexities in workplaces continue to surge, successful businesses will need to seamlessly integrate technology and talent to transform existing ways of working. Significantly, this digital transformation within a business must span all departments and areas of operation, including Human Resources (HR).

By Jeroen van Been, Director of Sales MEA


Organisations are under increasing pressure to improve productivity, cut costs and reduce their impact on the environment. Inkjet printers are an effective part of that response.

By Jeroen van Been, Director of Sales MEA


What is the best way to keep a classroom full of students engaged? In an age of digital distractions, how do you stimulate curiosity and passion for the subject?

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