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The global stock market recorded a solid gain in Q1 2021. The markets were finished in 2020 with a big bang having delivered one of the fastest recoveries in the history after the sell-off in March 2020. The US stock indices, Dow Jones and S&P 500 climbed to fresh all-time highs in March driven by various stimulus measures and the quick rollout of covid-19 vaccines. While the Nasdaq100 shy to break new heights after it reached a record closing high on February 12th as the investors shift their focus to economic-recovery sensitive stocks and away from growth stocks.

As reported by WHO, as much as 34.5% of the UAE population is classified as obese and 70.6% as overweight.[1] This alarming report has been further supplemented by the International Diabetes Federation, reporting in 2019 that one in six adults in the UAE has diabetes.[2] Furthermore, that same year, Zayed Military Hospital’s study conducted in the UAE, and led by Professor Humaidan Al Zaabi, found that 4.7% of patients were said to be suffering from the disease and that 41% of patients displayed signs of impaired fasting blood glucose, an indicator of pre-diabetes.[3]

Many parents and educators feel helpless when thinking about how to manage their children’s technology use. It is unrealistic to think that children will not be exposed to digital devices in today’s world, especially since COVID. However, one thing that might make it easier for them is to consider the uses of the devices and limit the usage of entertainment technology and allow for educational technology. Let’s face it, most of us are not worried about our children spending hours on their devices doing multiplications, we are mostly concerned about their attention spans, their use of social media, and their addictive behaviors to gaming.

What is a cognizant industrial site, and why is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) relevant to it? A hyper-aware industrial site is instrumented such that applications are cognizant of the contextual status of the environment, machines, occupants, inventory, service needs, security, and safety. IIoT is collectively the eyes and ears of a cognizant plant, and generates logical representations of physical data, i.e., temperature, flow, current consumption, and speed, among many others. IIoT data are supplemented by contextual information generated by a plant’s data network, i.e., identity, location, and applications in use.

Building management/ automation systems (BMS/ BAS) are the backbone of a real-estate portfolio’s lifecycle, believes Netix Global, a IoT and AI based building automation solutions provider and a subsidiary of SB Group International. Often cited as the critical enabler of optimal performance, automation capabilities keep assets across a building portfolio running optimally, for longer.

In the midst of launching a startup, one of the crucial components entrepreneurs need to think about is company culture and the atmosphere they would like to foster as they build their organization. Inclusion is one such criteria that needs to be at the top of the list for any startup. An inclusive work environment means including people of determination and those with additional learning needs, people from backgrounds different than yours and an equal gender divide. An inclusive work environment makes your company “two times as likely to meet or exceed financial targets” with reduced employee turnover.