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Through Vision 2021, the UAE supports the proliferation of clean energy and “green” growth plans. The UAE was ranked seventh in 2018 globally for having the highest carbon dioxide emissions. Cities like Dubai are working towards reducing carbon footprint by 2050, especially since the city was titled as the ‘World’s Most Improbable Green City’ by the National Geographic in 2017.

In a recent post I wrote about how a couple of trends in the automotive industry are driving the need for manufacturers to invest in industrial edge data centers. But an additional pair of trends promises to bring additional players into the equation, namely infrastructure providers including local and state governments and utilities.

Stress can be quite difficult to define or measure. Different people handle stress differently. Some people find that they can easily survive a busy lifestyle, and quite well at that, with high levels of stress. On the other hand, some people become tense or anxious and stressed over the slightest change from their daily routines. Most people fall somewhere in between but there are increased periods where they go through more stress than usual. So, how can one handle these stressful moments?

With cosmetic procedures and surgery gaining popularity around the world, there is a lot of curiosity about the process. However, the downside of this is that there is a lot of false and inaccurate information that is being spread. Dr Maher Alahdab addresses some of the major misconceptions that people have when it comes to cosmetic procedures:

Sustainable agriculture is at the heart of the comprehensive food security strategies of many nations today as they seek to eliminate hunger within their respective territories, while at the same time ensuring they protect the environment. This practice focuses on providing a sufficient supply of nutritious food to the citizens without adding further pressures on natural resources in the face of exponentially booming populations.

Transitioning to a green economy to achieve sustainable development is a tall order that requires consistent cooperation of every segment of society. As the complex but interconnected issues of social inequality, environmental degradation, and economic instability remain a major threat to progress and quality living, each and everyone has a role to play to fast-track the green economy movement worldwide.