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With the summer season kicking off, Celebrity Cruises launches budget-friendly packages allowing more holiday makers to experience luxury travel at sea. Guests can sail across the world to places that foster adventures for couples and families alike. Celebrity Cruises is renowned for its stunning cruise destinations and luxury experiences onboard.

Eid break is a great time to visit Azerbaijan and to explore everything the country has to offer. It’s the perfect time for families to reconnect and experience unforgettable moments. Renowned for its mesmerising natural heritage, rich culinary culture, and exciting cities, the country can offer visitors and families a relaxing yet action-filled holiday.

Slovenia is one of the most charming countries in the world. Home to several magical places that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale. With no exception Velika planina is one of the, surrounded by sweet green hills, this place is a true hidden gem located in the Kamik Alps, region of Slovenia. The magnificent scenery is the main reason why numerous Arab Travellers are eager to visit and revisit Velika planina. The mountain plateau features unique herders' settlement and one of the top attractions to visit while this summer in Slovenia.