What do camel milk, Korean pears, sparkling date juice and 24 carat gold flakes have in common? A truly unique Iftar experience, spread across three stunning venues at Al Haboor City this Ramadan.

Al Habtoor City is the destination of culinary excellence and creativity this Ramadan. Host to three lavish Iftars, including the opulent Astor Ballroom at the St. Regis, a foodie affair at Seasonal Tastes in The Westin and a unique K-Iftar (Korean Iftar) at Namu, W Dubai – chefs at Al Habtoor City have put an Arabian twist on some of their well-known dishes, promising an Iftar to remember. Gather friends and family and be sure to sample one of the signature Iftar dishes below:

Seasonal Tastes Signature Date Trifle 

Looks like the classic trifle we all know and love – a vanilla sponge soaked in jelly, with fruits and thick cream.

The Twist: This sponge is sparkling date juice with date jelly for an Arabian twist. It’s also topped with 24 carat gold flakes!

Available daily in Seasonal Tastes, The Westin

Camel Milk Mahalabia

A traditional Middle Eastern dish - Rich milk pudding with cardamom and rose water

The Twist: The milk is camel milk!

Available daily in Astor Ballroom, St. Regis 

NAMU Galbi

K-Iftar at NAMU serves home style cuisine that is best eaten with your hands, just like the Middle Eastern tradition. This dish is meat focused (short rib) with a fruit garnish, similar to other Ramadan dishes like lamb ouzi.

The Twist: This is a melt-in-the-mouth short rib marinated in soy and Korean pears!

Available on request in NAMU, W Dubai


Source:  Seven Media