The healing power of plants, inspired by the Apothecary Gardens of 17th and 18th Century London, infuse the latest collection from Hucklebones with a charming purity steeped in a rich botanical landscape. 

Abundant hues propagate the collection from deep-midnight Inky Blues to moonlit Snowberries, vivid Rose-hip, verdant hints of Bay Leaf and warming Cinnamon, all seeking to animate the new Autumn and Winter 2018 Season.

Uniting the collection is an organic awakening, with glimpses of a soft blush Winter dawn, pale sunlight glimmering through bare boughs and crisp hoarfrost covered stems, all conspiring to see the London Design House returning once more to its esteemed botanical roots.

Designs from the archives make a return this season, with a selection of beautiful heavy wool coats, to keep out the biting wind, and a range of dramatic, luxurious and richly textured faux fur stoles, jackets and coats, developed in evocative hues of deep Ink Blue and glorious Milkshake Pink.

Each piece reflects a moment in the colder months, when you pause, and enjoy the delicate allure of a fog-filled breath, among the resonant scents of leaves fallen; the silence and simplicity that pervades the precise landscape, the decomposing perspicuity of autumn and winter as it gently coalesces. Whilst startling pops of captivating colours are woven through the collection: Rose Gold, Cherry, Geranium, Lavender and Mint all make their presence felt.

Exclusive to this collection, discover the Gingko Waltz Twill a fabric hand-designed in-house, which traces gingko leaves as they drop gracefully onto the pale autumnal carpets. 

As the Apothecaries of the 17th and 18th Centuries drew their medicinal wisdom, healing and language from their plants, so does Hucklebones draw on these symbolic and deeply rooted memories of a childhood steeped in nature and the harmony of the ever-changing seasons.

As with previous collections, Hucklebones commitment to sustainability and longevity ensure this collection of garments are designed from fabrics that are carefully sourced for quality, integrity and originality.


Source: Mo4 Group