When Persil Power Gel liquid detergent launched in the GCC seven years ago, it initiated a new laundry detergent category and offered consumers an alternative to traditional powder detergents that can cause skin irritations.

It was the first liquid detergent available in the region and since then, it has continually maintained its market-leading position. It’s now a household staple for thousands of families across the GCC and around the world with millions of people using it every day to get the best results out of their laundry.

Persil Power Gel liquid detergent is superior in every way to traditional powder detergents. 

Thanks to the advanced cleaning technology, innovative formula, tough-on-stains cleaning power, colour protection, and no residues left behind. It is also suitable for top loading machines with high foam variant as well as front loading machines with low foam varaints.

The team at Persil has pulled together their top reasons why residents of the GCC should immediately discard traditional powder laundry products and rely on the caring, modern formula of Persil Power Gel to give the best results for their laundry – with every wash.

1.        Persil Power Gel has tough stain removal and will tackle the most stubborn stains

2.        Available in Lavender, White Flower as well as the Original fragrance, it gives a long-lasting freshness and perfumed scent

3.        Persil Power Gel leaves no white residue so fabrics remain as good as new

4.        It gives x 2 more washes compared to traditional powder detergents

5.        It does not ruin colours because it is a liquid and not a powder detergent   

6.        Unlike powder detergents, even for the most sensitive items, Persil Power Gel is gentle on fabrics 

7.        It adds softness and a clean fragrance so you only need to use one product 

8.        As opposed to powder detergents, Persil Power Gel liquid detergent doesn’t cause allergies and sensitivity

9.        It’s eco-friendly and all you need is one small dose to get your clothes clean and save energy

10.     Persil Power Gel liquid detergent works efficiently at 30°C and you will save an average 40 percent in your electricity usage per load


Source: Twister Communications