The Live Reality program, “Ishouha Jarbouha”, launched by Sayidaty, offers a live experience that does not imitate or convey information, but offers reality TV like-packed adventures along with fun experiences, with the participation of Saudi families, young men and women, especially in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, reaching different Arab and international places, what’s most important within this is to go beyond the normal lifestyle, to discover that adventure is no longer an impossible dream, but is a simple step that begins by making a decision, and that fear is nothing but an illusion.

The program “Ishouha Jarbouha” comes to confirm this fact image and sound, with people who preceded others, improved their quality of life, as recent studies by prestigious academic institutions and alternative health centres suggest, especially in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom, have pointed out that many of the diseases of our time can be cured to the point of healing, by stimulating good mental health, eating healthy, feeling happy or grateful, not to mention that diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes and cancer in general are treated today by new methods based on the concept of improving the quality of life, Ghada's experience in the episode "I have renewed my life with the Dubai Shopping Festival" in cooperation with Twitter and the Dubai Tourism Authority has revolved around this.

About the new channel, Mohammed Fahad Al Harthy, editor-in-chief of Sayidaty and Al-Majala said: "This is a new and unique channel on the agenda of Sayidaty, applying the latest media trends with its latest methods, conveying a live experience of ordinary people living a real travel experience, the camera accompanies them to convey their impressions , feelings, and discovery, based on the experience they already have lived, which enhances the benefit of those who see it, in addition to finding fun , excitement and credibility in a live show”, he also pointed that the program Ishouha Jarbouha is a live translation of the journalistic content provided through creative tools; to express a realistic idea , And achieved significant impact; due to its credibility and the real excitement experienced by its heroes, who are ordinary real people like all of us. "


Source: Perceptions