COMICS, a subsidiary of Kalimat Group dedicated to publishing comics in Arabic, is releasing four of its latest translated publications in Arabic during its participation at the 37th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) which is currently taking place at the Expo Centre Sharjah.

The new comics includes Adulthood is a Myth by author and illustrator Sara Andersen and translated to Arabic by Ahmed Salah Al Mahdi. This comic chronicles the story of modern young men by depicting their psychological and mental fluctuations in today’s life. It also documents how human beings waste their time and the imposition of technological advancements. In other words, the comic’s story explores the horrors and awkwardness of young modern life.

The Breadwinner is a graphic novel, adapted from the animated film bearing the same title, which is inspired by Deborah Ellis’s beloved novel. Translated by Janna Hassan, the novel tells the story of a little girl, who has to disguise herself as a boy to support and help her family amidst the Taliban regime.

Another new comic is The 1001 Lives of Emergencies written by Baptiste Beaulieu and translated by Patrick Kamel. It tells a series of stories of the author from when he was a doctor in the emergency room. The book chronicles the author’s personal experience as an intern physician, giving readers an insight into everyday life in a hospital where he sees patients lying on beds and those on wheelchairs. In his comic, Beaulieu takes readers on a visual journey into a world shrouded in ambiguity and the unknown.

The fourth comic is Heart and Brain: Inner Instinct, which is a sequel to The New York Times bestselling book Heart and Brain by Nick Seluk. Translated by Ahmed Salah Al Mahdi, the book depicts the daily inner struggles between the heart and brain.

The publisher of the graphic novels and comic books is participating at SIBF 2018 alongside 1,874 publishing houses from 77 countries, with a view to enrich the Arabic library with the latest international comic titles.

Last year, Kalimat Group, one of the leading publishing houses in the region, launched its ‘COMICS’ imprint with an aim to publish graphic novels and comics in Arabic. Earlier this year, the imprint has also published its first Arabic original graphic novel ‘Antara’. By translating international comic books into Arabic and making these titles more widely available, COMICS aims to expand the knowledge of Arab readers by introducing them to the art of comics while also providing comic book enthusiasts with an opportunity to enjoy their favorite works in Arabic. It translates widely known graphic novels and comic books into Arabic.


Source: National Network Communications (NNC)