2 x Best Selling Author, Sebastian Bates, the founder of The Warrior Academy, a Martial Arts organization voted top 5 in the UK, responsible for mentoring over 10,000, has now launched the Not a Victim book.  The book is aimed to be direct and practical and aims to ensure parents feel confident they can mentor their child through the difficult transition of bullying. The hard copy of the book was launched this month and became a Best Seller on Amazon on the launch day.

The book is aimed toward two types of parents, parents who are going through bullying right now and dealing with a highly emotional and stressful situation and parents who are proactively seeking out how to mentor their children, when bullying does arise.

Perception, presentation, preparation, practice, produce and persevere are the 6 practical steps for the Not a Victim system that have an immediate impact on how the child copes with bullying and help parents that are dealing currently with bullying. For parents proactively learning about this transition they can read from front to back in order to gain an indepth look at how bullying occurs, the impact on the brain amongst many inspirational but heartbreaking stories from highly successful individuals that attest to the success they have had to the bullying they went through.

“We believe that bullying is inevitable, that our children will likely go through bullying and we mentor parents to prepare their children to transition through bullying quickly. Many big anti-bullying organisations focus on 'preventing bullying' and many schools say they are 'bully-free'. However, bullying is an ugly part of the human condition as we navigate complex social situations. We have developed a practical 6 step system that has been proven to get children through this transition and stop the cycle of bullying from repeating into adulthood.” says Sebastian Bates, Founder of Warrior Academy.

Not A Victim programme, empowers young people to stand up to bullying and in the process, build resilience that stays with them for life, ensuring children “breakthrough” bullying, rather than “break” through bullying.

The Warrior Academy is giving away 1,000 books to parents in Dubai for FREE. The book is currently retailed at AED 75, however, for a limited time only, interested readers can grab a free copy by visiting www.notavictim.co.uk and completing the breakthrough bullying assessment (15 questions). The assessment will give them insights into what they can work on to help mentor their child should bullying occur.

Source: Sociate PR