Canadian Specialist Hospital’s (CSH) latest video on preventative measures for COVID-19 has gone viral reaching over 5 million people across the globe and has been shared over 110,000 times on social media platforms at the time of writing this story. Several organisations from Turkey, Cyprus among other countries have approached CSH to grant them with the permission to use the video on their website to reach out to thousands of their staff. Video has touched almost all continents and is now trending in Asia, Europe, UK, US, Mongolia, Combodia among other parts of the world.

The video that was first shared on March 22nd demonstrates the correct ways to greet people, it showcases the safe distance that needs to be maintained at all times, also how to operate lifts and doors, the right method to sanitizing your hands, ways to cover your sneeze and the techniques of taking off gloves, masks and also safely discarding them. The readers can view the video by loging on to the hospital’s facebook platform or by clicking this link - facebook/videos.

According to Dr. Yashar Ali, CEO and Medical Director at Canadian Specialist Hospital, “Misinformation is just as deadly as the virus. The video is our way to educate the masses in UAE and across the globe on how to behave and interact safely with each other and take adequate precautions. Several residents are moving around with masks and gloves but unless they are aware of these safe handling practices, the utility of such gloves or masks would defeat the whole purpose. I would urge people to spend 45 seconds to view this short video. Popularity of this video amplifies the fact that people across the globe are willing to take the right steps to fight this pandemic. Together, we will come out of this phase even stronger”.

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Source: whitewaterpr