Reflection, Sharjah's first annual art festival currently ongoing in Al Qasba, engaged poetry lovers in a poetry workshop conducted by Dubai Poetics yesterday (Monday). Titled ‘The Poetryhood Movement’, the workshop was part of a platform created by the entity for the empowerment of poetry and visual art.

It brought together a host of writers to share their experience with young talents in both poetry and prose. Conducted by Syrian artist and writer, Malda Smadi, the workshop focused on the aesthetic value of literary works, and how specific writing techniques in can be learnt and applied to boost this value.

Through the workshop, Smadi stimulated the participants to go deeper into their creative prowess to produce unique titles, which will be timeless due to their aesthetic complexity. She noted that many young Arab authors have good creative writing skills; both in poetry and prose, but only few of them publish their works and engage with readers, due to several reasons. The role of this workshop was to help these young talents discover their literary flair and motivate them to put their ideas on paper for readers to savour.

Ola Anan, an author who participated in the workshop, pointed out that writing is a vibrant profession and allows a writer to express themselves creatively. She noted how words in a poem or a book are a powerful tool for the communication of ideas, which simple conversations sometimes fail to convey.

Anan, author of Three Nights in the Detention Room, published by the Arab Scientific Publishers Inc., underscored that authors’ linguistic, intellectual and psychological tenacity helps them overcome challenges to complete a literary projects. She also highlighted the importance of such workshops in mentoring and aspiring authors to achieve tangible results.

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Source: National Network Communications (NNC)