The debut edition of Reflection, Sharjah’s first annual art festival running its course at the picturesque Al Qasba, featured an art workshop by Palestinian-Saudi artist, Dana Awartani, titled ‘Geometric Drawing’, which offered a unique experience that blended Islamic art and descriptive geometry, at the Maraya Art Centre.

Awartani, who is keen to revive historical techniques of traditional art in the modern world, highlighted the basic aspects of her artistic practice, manifested in geometric shapes that incorporate straight lines and circles. Awartani shared with participants several tips on steps she follows when planning for paintings, and explained how she imagines the shapes and forms before drawing them on blank paper. She also highlighted the role of overlapping circles and geometric shapes to produce a piece of art rich in aesthetic detail.

The artist guided participants through the fundamentals of creating geometric shapes and patterns, and taught them how to pick particular shapes appropriate to certain spaces. Underlining the rich legacy of Islamic art and its deep roots in the Arab region, she said: “Islamic art is filled with feelings and beauty embedded in a combination of beautiful geometric shapes and spectacular colours that refer to a rich and deeply entrenched civilisation.”

“I went to London to study contemporary art, but then dedicated myself to the study of Islamic art, because it captivated me. My paintings depend on certain techniques that I use to reach a certain artistic goal. In my works, I first write down what I want to paint, and put it in front of me before I start planning the work. I blend the idea with a mixture of colours to create the final form of the piece of art,” she added.

Her pieces are firmly rooted in traditional practices, such as the use of materials and pigments she prepares herself. Her series are, in their materiality and methodology, absolutely traditional, yet enacted in a contemporary moment.

Awartani also told workshop participants: “The background of the painting is a vast space that allows an artist to translate their feelings the way they deem appropriate. My paintings are often made up of shapes and lines interlinked to form the final artwork that carries the spirit of the East.” 

In her artistic practice, Awartani lends more towards descriptive geometry, which is a science that looks into ways that allow the representation of three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional surface such as the surface of a drawing paper or computer screens. The science aims to illustrate shapes, give an accurate description of these shapes and present them in a manner that leads to discovering and understanding their meanings simply and easily.

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Source: National Network Communications (NNC)

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