Venezuela Viva, Viva Venezuela celebrates Venezuela and Latin Americans residing in the United Arab Emirates with an exhibition showcasing the works of artists Ruben Molina and Arnaldo Gonzalez. The exhibition will showcase the works of the two Venezuelan artists who are represented by The AJALA Project - a Dubai-based art and social impact platform that empowers artists, creatives and change-makers by connecting them with financiers.

The exhibition will be held at Hai D3, Dubai Design District from 6 - 10pm on July 24th, 2018. Founder of the AJALA Project Hassan Adebayo Bello said “Ruben Molina reached out to us last year from Venezuela to join our platform after reading an article about one of our exhibitions.

We are excited to showcase their artwork to avid lovers of Latin American culture in Dubai”. The exhibition will be showcased on the same day Venezuelan political leader Simon Bolivar was born; a significant day for the Latin American community. Bolivar who is also known as El Libertador played a leading role in the establishment of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cololmbia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama as sovereign states.

He served as the President of Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia during his lifetime. Bolivar is viewed as a national icon in much of modern South America. A collection of paintings by Ruben Molina will be exhibited along with the screening of the film ‘Impuls’ by Arnaldo Gonzalez.

The event will be accompanied with live performances by prolific Latin American artists based in the UAE.  Guests of honor to the event includes officials from the consulates of Venezuela, Spain, Mexico. The event is  also open to the UAE, Latin American community and avid lovers of Latin America culture. 


Source: The AJALA Project