Good behavior starts at home! This is true also for responsible and well-mannered driving behavior. Caltex Havoline and RoadSafetyUAE teamed up to raise awareness for considerate driving in residential communities with a focus on ‘NO speeding’.

International studies reveal, that three out of 10 crashes happen less than 1.5 kilometers from home, and between a third to half of all accidents within 8 kilometers. Most of the research that has been done has concluded that the reason why so many accidents take place near home is that there is a comfort zone associated with driving in our own neighborhood. Many drivers become complacent in practicing safe driving behaviors because they feel they know an area well. It is similar to having the brain on “auto-pilot” and we do not fully focus on our driving as we would if we were driving further away from home.

According to Adriaan J. de Kok – Area Business Manager, Gulf and Middle East, for Chevron Al Khalij, the registered branch name in the UAE of Chevron Asia Pacific Holdings Limited states: "It's so important to concentrate fully when driving, whether you're just popping to the shops or starting or ending a longer journey. It is vital people stay alert and avoid complacency when driving close to home. In Caltex we firmly believe, that creating a safer road culture must start at home and in our residential neighborhoods.”

“Motorists must display exemplary behavior to their neighbors, families and children. With Caltex Havoline, a brand of Chevron Lubricants we want to bring to life our commitment to creating safer neighborhoods.  To celebrate the ‘World Day for Safety and Health at Work’ on 28-April-2018, we launch our initial activity by inviting our staff to take a pledge against speeding in residential communities. We also extend this invitation to all the companies with whom we do business, inviting their staff to pledge as well. Beyond this, we encourage everybody who is interested, to take the pledge which can be found here:”. In phase two of this initiative, we will conduct a series of community events in Dubai’s biggest residential areas.”, Mr. Kok continues.

Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE adds: “We recommend that when driving close to home, we must not be fooled into having a false sense of security.  Drivers need to be twice as cautious when driving near home and be on the lookout for distracted and careless drivers. We welcome the encouragement of our CSR-partners Caltex Havoline to focus on the important topic of ‘NO speeding” in residential communities,  and we are also well aware of other forms of reckless driving in residential areas linked to pedestrian safety:  entering a road before checking if it is clear, parking and reversing, obeying stop and yield signs, noise pollution, the lack of using seat belts, driving distractions and so on.”

Caltex Havoline recently became a new CSR-partner (Corporate Social Responsibility) of the CSR & Activation platform RoadSafetyUAE  and the flagbearer for the topic to raise awareness about ‘Speeding’.


Source: AETOSWire

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