Award-winning Lebanese artist Walid Tahchi is showcasing his abstract series “Dialogue” at Flair No. 5, Ritz-Carlton, Dubai on Saturday, April 28th from 06:30 pm onwards. The exhibition comprises of a selection of paintings marveling at the complexity of human needs and communication.

The exhibition “Dialogue” features the artists work titled “The Deal, The Leave and Phoenicians”. The Deal is concerned with human relationships in social contexts and focuses on human affairs and morality by a direct human contact. The Leave represents human’s decision to move away from their land even leaving their families behind to pursue things in a materialistic and virtual world and The Phoenicians showcases the merger between human communication and machines, how the way we used to communicate with each other has drastically changed over the years.

The artwork invites a confrontation with the human’s inner selves and the relationship between art and emotions.

Commenting on the exhibition, Walid Tahchi, Artist, said “I am excited to showcase my latest artwork during this exhibition. This one has been particularly inspired by the people I observe every day. These paintings depicts the choices we are making, the kind of fast paced lives we are living and the lost art of human interaction. The focus is on human beings and the environment they have created for themselves and is expressed through the use of vibrant colours.”

Walid Tahchi, an international rated artist, has been at the forefront of Mediterranean and European art culture and is well known for his work that distinguishes himself by the evocation of his subjects more than by their description. Tahchi has also been associated with La Maison Des Artistes – Paris since 1992.


Source: The Idea Agency