Zenofar Fathima’s social awareness short films continue to draw attention and praise from the general public and prominent figures alike in the UAE, and just recently, a well-known Bollywood celebrity has taken notice and lauded the independent film producer’s upcoming project, ‘The Peril 2’.  Sonu Sood, an Indian film actor best known for his work in South Indian cinema, was in Dubai recently and met with Zenofer to extend his support on the latter’s new film initiative.

Zenofer, said, “At the launch and screening of The Peril in July this year, I received thunderous applause and exceptional appreciation from the highest dignitaries present, and that inspired me to extend this message to a wider audience. Thus, I decided to come up with the next series called ‘The Peril 2’, under the Enigma series. The upcoming short film focuses on the importance of a parent's involvement in how to prevent their child from getting addicted to the Internet or digital games." 

Sonu lauded Zenofer’s new endeavour saying that The Peril 2 carries a very powerful message that is especially relevant in today’s changing world when children are so immersed in the digital world.  “It is very important for parents to keep an eye on their children, so that they may not get addicted and fall prey to online foes. Our childhood involved more of outdoor activities and I still miss those days of fun and thrill. It is my pleasure and honour to be asked to comment on the aim behind ‘The Peril 2’ and there is no doubt that I would gladly extend my support as an actor to Zenofer in any of her upcoming film ventures,” Sonu added.

The 15-minute short film ‘The Peril 2’ is set for release next month, with Zenofer taking on the challenge of dual roles of actor-producer.


Source: Intelligent Marketing Consultants