Netflix aficionados will know that Snowpiercer Season 1 has garnered a loyal fan following who are obsessed with the Sci Fi series. This action-packed thriller documents a train that circumnavigates the earth following an ice age bought about by a catastrophically failed attempt to stop global warming via climate engineering. Needless to say, this is a less that perfect scenario with the passengers becoming segregated according to class and a looming revolt very much on the icy horizon.

The Snowpiercer themed brunch at Warehouse will be a seriously cool way to enjoy your Friday afternoon with Winter vibes incorporated throughout. Now Dubai residents can get their much-missed dose of snowfall, so wrap up and jump aboard the Snowpiercer Brunch at Warehouse this Friday. At AED 259 for house drinks from 1pm-5pm; that’s an incredible price for four hours food and drinks!

Snowpiercer Brunch at Warehouse- An Overview

Date: Friday 29th January 25

Time: 1pm-5pm

Price: AED 259 per person for house beverages package

Source: Z.Seven

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