In response to the unique challenges of 2020, Hospitality Sales & Marketing International Middle East (HSMAI) has introduced ROC@Home, a full day Global Revenue Optimization experience taking place on Wednesday, 17 June 2020.  The day-long session involves live sessions from the Middle East, Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, and is designed to fuel industry recovery and revitalization efforts.

Neither a virtual conference nor a replacement for HSMAI in-person ROC programs, ROC@Home is an opportunity for hotel revenue professionals to reset, refocus, and reenergize, with an exclusive free toolkit to guide learning and engagement, and more than 20 live expert-led sessions hosted by HSMAI’s regions around the globe.

“ROC@Home is the first experience of its kind,” said Robert A. Gilbert, CHME, CHBA, president and CEO of HSMAI. “By focusing the attention and energy of revenue professionals from around the globe, HSMAI’s regions are building a global network of experts who will have the insights, tools, and resources needed to lead the industry into recovery.”

“An event like ROC@Home provides a dedicated opportunity to work with colleagues whilst connecting to industry leaders around the world” said Mona Faraj, managing director HSMAI Middle East. “In these challenging times, divergent thinking will create opportunities and platforms such as ROC@Home can ignite the innovation and motivation for successful strategies within the region.”

At the heart of ROC@Home is a free toolkit available to hoteliers around the world.  It includes:

  • Advice and inspiration from some of the world’s most respected revenue optimization leaders.
  • A recorded webinar on Pricing Psychology in Challenging Times that illustrates, based on data from the 2009-2010 recession, the implications of price changes during low demand periods.
  • “Lightning Round” video presentations from recent HSMAI strategy conferences that can fuel conversation on strategy and tactics.
  • Encouragement and leadership from some of the industry’s most respected hotel company CEOs from around the globe.
  • An exclusive pre-recorded keynote from Dr. Jannell MacAulay, a combat veteran, leader, and mindfulness advocate. MacAulay provides valuable tools to get the most out of the one thing everyone has total control over: Their mindset.
  • An outline to review Evolving Dynamics: From Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy, the study guide for the Certified Revenue Management Executive certification, which will reveal the areas where a refresher is needed.
  • Lessons and tools for auditing different room types, updating (or completing for the first time) a competitive SWOT analysis to better navigate the current landscape, and a short online lesson on “Customer Price-Value Analysis.”

Hospitality and tourism professionals can participate either with their teams in-person or virtually, or on their own, and can now sign up to receive the free toolkit and be part of a ROC@Home Industry Survey. Registration is also available now for the more than 20 regional live sessions for a $25 (USD) fee. To learn more and participate, visit

HSMAI regions are pleased to thank Cendyn for supporting multiple ROC events around the globe.

Source: Q Communications