Italian restaurant GIA has added an ace to their sleeve by becoming the first restaurant in the UAE to launch a fusion Italian-Emirati menu! The menu will run for a limited time only until February 12th and features unique flavours combining classic Italian with nostalgic Emirati dishes.

Rich of flavours, the menu is conceptualized by the expert culinary team behind GIA and Emirati Chef, Faisal Mohammed Al Harmoodi. Together, they have created a brand-new menu featuring classic and reimagined Italian and Emirati favourites.

Emirati with roots in Abu Dhabi, Chef Faisal was always very passionate about his cultural heritage and looking at his vast repertoire of work, he made the perfect fit for putting together a fusion menu to bring the best of two worlds together under one roof.

Choosing your favorite dishes from the menu won’t be easy with options including the Samosa Burrata, a crunchy samosa with burrata, arrabiata sauce and tomato & pesto mint chutney.

The Salona Risotto is served with Salona mushroom risotto, slow cooked lamb shank and Emirati favourite daqoos, a spicy tomato and garlic sauce. Served with Rigatoni, grilled chicken breast, biryani sauce, green maabouj, daqoos, rgag and pesto & mint chutney, the flavoursome Rigatoni Biryani is the ultimate fusion of both cuisines.  And not to forget, the most intriguing find on the menu is definitely the Camel Lasagna, puffed lasagna layers filled with Camel bolognese, parmesan cheese & olive oil powder.

There’s more reason to be excited with the selection of the desserts. The Asida Cannoli is a homemade Italian pastry filled with the Arabic asida, saffron mascarpone sauce and topped with pistachio. Or opt for the secret box featuring a secret concoction of Italian and Emirati sweets.  Place your order to know what it is!

The collaborative fusion with best of both worlds is available until February 12th at GIA, located in the Dubai Mall in the Fashion Avenue extension.

Buon Appetito x بالعافية!

Offer: Italian - Emirati Collaboration Menu

Venue: GIA

Location: Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall

Number: 04 2349986         

Date: Until February 12

Time: Lunch & Dinner from 12pm - 1am