Nar has revamped its menu to serve a wider selection of Mediterranean favourites. Kick-off your meal with Nar’s flavoursome appetizers, savour the rich flavours of the newly introduced main course dishes or enjoy the sweet tastes of the new dessert offerings.

While dining in Barsha Heights, City Walk or Motor City, guests can enjoy a range of new main course dishes. Foodies can choose to indulge in beef tenderloin served with roasted baby potatoes and demi-glace sauce, salmon fillet served with mixed black olives, vegetables, and potatoes or chicken stuffed with smoked turkey and cheese served with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

The Mediterranean-inspired menu will also include a range of new hot and cold mezze's options include sambousik meat, shrimp with cream and garlic and chicken wings provincial.

For diners with a sweet tooth, Nar has revamped its dessert options to include a wider selection. Guests can now enjoy a warm chocolate cake served with kashta ice cream, a creamy blueberry cheesecake or kashta mixed with fruits and topped with crushed nuts and honey.

Prices range from AED20-45 for appetizers and desserts and AED48-78 for main courses.

Source: Four Communications