If you are obsessed with the fusion of ginger and turmeric flavor tea, then this for you! The Ginger and Turmeric kombucha also called the “Tummy Tamer” has one of the most powerful nutritional values that provides the body with amazing health benefits you cannot resist.

Commonly used as a digestive elixir that eases and balances the belly with all its probiotic goodness; The Tummy Tamer also contains essential nutrients that are vital for the prevention of multiple types of cancers, treatment of skin conditions specifically eczema, acne and psoriasis, regulation of blood sugar level and enhancement of cognitive powers of the human brain.

Beside the ample benefits it provides, the locally brewed fermented tea flavor has a yummy and soothing taste that tingles your taste buds for more. All its nutrients are 100% raw, organic, low in sugar, unpasteurized and cost AED15.75 per bottle.

To enjoy this superfood for the week, you can purchase them at Kibsons , all Organic Café locations across the UAE and both Spinneys and Waitrose in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Source: POP Communications