The H Dubai Hotel, a 5-star property, is now a certified member of Green Globe, the highest recognition for sustainability worldwide.

The hotel has achieved its first Green Globe Certification after complying with a strict set of sustainability criteria, which includes 44 core criteria supported by over 380 compliance indicators, which are reviewed and updated twice per calendar year.

A thorough sustainability audit was conducted by UAE-based Farnek, Green Globe’s preferred partner in the Middle East, to ensure that the H Dubai complied with Green Globe’s exacting standards. The hotel was also commended for its green initiatives and its activities through its corporate social responsibility programme.

“Our commitment to the environment has always been at the forefront of our mission. We believe that sustainability is an integral part of our service, thus, tremendous efforts were invested to improve our economic, social and environmental sustainability policies. Our eco-project in the group is based on five interconnected pillars; Reduce, reuse and recycle, protect wildlife – flora and fauna, reduce water consumption, energy conservation and local care and fair trade. Earning this esteemed certification is a key milestone and I want to congratulate the team for their dedication to best practice,” comments Claudio Capaccioli, CEO, H Hospitality Collection.

Such commitment is illustrated by a series of “green actions” implemented by the hotel to minimise the impact on its surroundings. The hotel has successfully replaced 90% of its light bulbs into retrofit and hopes to implement a full switch this year. The sales team offers guests a “green meeting” option that includes the use of recyclable notebooks, paperless meetings, no flip charts, absence of flower arrangements, to name a few.

The F&B department has moved gradually towards reducing the use of plastic bottles and replacing it with glass water bottles. The hotel also communicates details of its energy, water and waste conservation efforts, through digital display screens at reception, as well as in the lobby. In addition, colour-coded recycling bins, in meeting rooms, banquet areas and other public areas, aim to encourage guests to segregate their litter.

The H Dubai’s sustainable practices go hand-in-hand with its efforts in social responsibility. To contribute positively to the community, the team volunteered to support the Al-Ihsan Charity Association last Ramadan by buying clothes for the less privileged children in the UAE. The H Dubai is also the first 5-star hotel to support Dubai Municipality’s Currency Charity Bank initiative, which collected all surplus international currencies and coins from members of the community and turned it into a fund used to support charitable projects around the world, in cooperation with the Emirates Airline Foundation. Additionally, the hotel team participates regularly in the annual Beat Diabetes Walk initiative to support awareness about diabetes and also encourages the team to make healthy life choices.

“Having earned our first Green Globe certification is a major achievement and I am proud of the team for this recognition. Our work is far from over. Our sustainability efforts in terms of energy and water savings, waste management as well as efforts to nurture environmental and cultural elements in the property will continue. We will strive to improve our performance, identify specific areas of focus and explore additional social responsibility opportunities. We will also continue involving our guests, colleagues, team, owners and business partners in our efforts to protect the environment,” adds Gonzalo Rodriguez, The H Dubai General Manager.


Source: Q Communications