The nurturing Arabian Gulf location, intimate relationship of Six Senses Zighy Bay with the land, and the resort’s wellbeing philosophy have created the ultimate inside-out healing combination, fostering healthy living within the resort. Guests are treated to the locally produced organic food, enriching their body and soul with a “from the farm to the table” experience like no other.

The date farm at Six Senses Zighy Bay produces over 12 tons of dates yearly, and guests can taste the delicious sweet treat in a homemade smoothie, served when they check-in. Within the resort, the dates are also used to create vinegar; cold-pressed upon harvest to obtain a syrup, which is then fermented for months to obtain one of the oldest kinds of vinegar in the world. Besides its unique taste, date vinegar is well known for its health benefits, some of which include helping weight loss, easing childbirth, strengthening the heart and the immune system, as well as relieving headaches and skin inflammations.  Guests can purchase the locally produced dates vinegar at Six Senses Zighy Bay from the resort boutique.

The Six Senses Zighy Bay farm in Dibba presents more than an attraction for kids, as both the cows and goats, produce milk which is used to create a wide variety of cheeses including feta, gouda, camembert, brie and blue cheese. The team has been trained by Australian cheesemakers who were brought to the resort specifically to share their trade secrets. Guests can try these cheeses at the resort’s restaurants including a gourmet tasting experience at Sense on The Edge and the Wine Cellar, pairing them with a selection of grape and a view to remember or a cosy ambience.

For guests who want to take the flavours of Oman back home, the resort’s chefs treat them to unique spice mixes, blended in-house and crafted carefully from locally sourced and resort garden-grown herbs and spices including thyme, chillies, coriander and turmeric. Guests can learn more about the uses of these spices from the recipes available at the resort, helping them cook like professional chefs at their own homes and dazzle their house guests every single time.

Whether guests will order food in their villa, enjoy a meal with a view at Sense on the Edge or gather around a new dining experience at Spice Market, they will sense the generous richness of the local area in the goodness of the food they share, and the wellbeing they will take back home.

These initiatives come under the sustainability umbrella and the philosophy fostered by Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, adding to their efforts in creating sustainable tourism that contributes to the local environment and cultures hosting them. It aligns with Six Senses’ participation in Cornell University’s Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking program and taking responsibility, standing up, and being accountable for making a sustainable difference and achieving measurable results.  Six Senses Zighy Bay strives to fulfil the brand’s promise to guests by providing an ethically created vacation destination.

Source: TCA PR