99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant has announced that it will continue to run the Omakase business lunch until December 31 in response to growing customer demand.

‘Omakase’ is a Japanese dining tradition which literally means “I’ll leave it up to you”. This encourages guests to entrust their entire dining experience in the hands of a chef, who prepares a seasonal, elegant and artistic meal.

Jaime Castaneda, general manager at 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant, said: “Our weekday lunch guests are usually here to talk business over a meal. We help them save time by taking away the hassle of placing orders with a meticulously crafted menu that shows off our chefs’ skills.”

Priced at AED 149 per person, the Omakase business lunch is available from Sunday through Thursday and is served from 12pm until 3.30pm.

Featuring nine courses, the menu kicks off with a selection of starters like edamame and the signature ‘Capumiso soup’ – the 99 Sushi version of miso soup presented like a cappuccino.

Plates of spicy tuna tartar and salmon flambé nigiri reflect the restaurant’s core value of using only the finest ingredients for their dishes. The chefs continue to let the ingredients do the talking with more favourites like the Wagyu flambé nigiri and baby lamb gyozas.

Those with room are encouraged to try the homemade mochi ice-cream and complete the experience with a cup of coffee or tea.

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a striking panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf, while the stunning interior sets the mood for some subtly complex modern Japanese cooking. For a more intimate setting, the venue also boasts a private dining room that often needs to be reserved in advance.


Source: Seven Media