Operation: Falafel, the authentic and adored Middle Eastern street food star is proud to announce its latest hotspot in the lively Media City, Building 7. Representing its 11th location worldwide, the authentic Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant blends rich history with an urban-contemporary outlook.

Having already taken the rest of Dubai by storm, Operation: Falafel’s latest endeavour aims to deliver the same class and culinary tradition at the new location, promising to continue building its loyal fan base and to take on fresh new recruits under their wing.

Guests can expect classics such as the forever-tempting and delicate Chicken Shawerma, generously stuffed into a freshly baked Pita Bread or Saj Bread with tangy pickles and an aromatic spread of the essential garlic sauce. Dive into the perfect alternative with the Beef Shawerma, boasting rich and mouth-watering layers of carved beef shawerma, rolled in the signature freshly baked Pita or Saj Bread, generously garnished with juicy tomato slices, fragrant onions and parsley. No meal is complete without the Classic Falafels, served golden crispy on the outside and delicious and soft on the inside, freshly made every day with chickpeas and a secret assortment of fine herbs and spices, making them some of the most irresistible bite-sized appetizers in town.


Source: TOH PR