Colors: Purple Color

The purpose of cleansing your face as part of your daily skincare routine is to remove dirt, grime and bacterial build up from the night or day before, whilst also gently exfoliating and promoting new skin cell development. Cleansing devices are a key part of your routine to reach a deeper level of removing dead skin cells and oil filled pores that become built up over time, which your fingertips or facial cloth just won’t quite reach. Therefore, choosing the right cleansing tool is important to ensure you are achieving the objective of using one in the first place.

Long gone are the days in which men were apprehensive about changing their hair colour and nowadays, it is considered a form of self-expression. So, if you’ve been thinking about transforming your look and trying out a new hair colour for the summertime, now is the best time as CG Barbershop is running a 20% off promotion on all hair services during the month of August.