Max Fashion has launched brand new collections in light of Eid Al Adha, designed with customers in mind to offer contemporary style with a flattering fit. Eid Al Adha or the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ is a holy holiday and a time for reflection on heritage, with festivities and creativity as commonplace during the period.  With close attention to detail and an soft and feminine pastel palette – elegance, simplicity and tradition are just three things you can expect to find in Max Fashion’s Eid Al Adha collections in-store and online.

Hans Van Den Broecke, Head of Design and Buying at Max Fashion, said: “This time of the year culminates in women’s collections that offer both elegance and value, which are perfectly designed to celebrate tradition and creativity. Our Eid Al Adha collections bring an amazing lineup of the most on-trend pieces and colours that have been carefully hand-picked and qualified so that our customers are privy to an enjoyable shopping experience.”

Max Fashion is all about on-trend fashion at great value. Full of floral prints or pastel hues made up of lightweight fabrics, the collections are sure to grab the eye of even the most discerning shopper. Created with mid to long sleeves, midi-length hemlines and opaque yet light materials, each piece can be worn on its own with no layers necessary.

Pick up some pastel suit trousers from only AED 60 or a stunning floral dress for AED 85. Or why not go for some wide-leg floral print trousers for only AED 65 or an elegant floaty dress in nude for AED 85.
If you are cooking over the holiday the last thing you want is your outfit ruined by a splattering of sauce or a spilled ingredient. If you don’t have time to change before guests start arriving, try a simple but stylish graphic top with mid-length puffed sleeves for AED 49. 

Source: MSL Group

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