Founded in mid 2010, Glassing has had the fortune to grow and expand with edgy, trendsetting sunglass collections that have become best-sellers worldwide, and graced the eyes of several celebrities. With the end of the first month of the decade, Glassing releases three new sunglass models between their GP and Base collections; GP Marquise, GP Baguette, and Base Chata.

Following the success of their Prismik series, the brand’s designers, Stefano and Alessandro, were inspired to use elements and features of the collection to create two new models for the brand’s GP series and Base collections. Prismik’s Marquise and Baguette sunglass models proved to be widely popular, and in combination with the frameless and colorful features from the GP collection, Glassing’s designers were able to seamlessly create the GP Marquise and GP Baguette models in three bright, bold colors. Both models can be purchased in an ‘extrasilver’ reflective color, black, and two tricolor lenses with maroon and violet shades.

Equally inspired by the Baguette sunglasses is the latest Base model, Chata. The Base Chata sunglass comes in a bright reflective red color as well as an opaque black lense. The sunglasses play on the Baguette model from Prismik and continue to use the distinct thin metal frames and steel bridge between its lenses.

These three new models are now available for purchase at their flagship boutique in La Mer or their pop-up store in City Walk. Additionally, their sunglasses can be purchased online at

Source: Empyre Communications