The Fusion between HRH Sheikha Mariam and artist Amalie Beljafla has resulted in the magical and poetic evolution of “The Enlightenment Collection”. This collection embodies spirituality, inner peace, positivity, gratitude, love, and enlightenment whilst paying homage to their UAE heritage in a unique, and contemporary way.

MKS Jewellery is recognized for embodying the heritage and spirit of the UAE which is amplified through Beljafla’s brilliant use of symbolism, intricacy, spirituality and surrealist approach that intertwines with the nation.

Pieces are adorned with UAE gazelles representing beauty, The ‘Dhab’ symbolizing luck and patience and the Arabian beetle symbolizing transformation. The powerful 99 names of Allah ‘Asma Allah Husna’ have also been used throughout this collection, leading the pieces to radiate powerful healing energies, while the vibrant color palette of reds, greens, blues, yellows and gold reflects the UAE’s close connection to nature – desert landscapes, sea, sunsets and ghaf trees.
Let this collection inspire, enlighten and open your heart.

Source: Z.Seven