Light and colourful, Vhernier's Palloncino line is an elegant and irresistible declaration of happiness.

Among the brand's first creations, the Palloncino brooch was designed in 1984 and has since become a true best-seller, a jewel that's emblematic of Vhernier's unconventional style.

And though the design is essential and recalls the innocence of a child's drawing, the crafting is extremely refined and precious in each detail. Its unique three-dimensional aspect literally comes to life thanks to Vhernier’s ‘Trasparenze’ technique - one of the House's forte. With this technique, Vhernier has reinvented colours with its special layering process. The precious process starts with a perfect stone, from which a thin layer is taken. It’s then often lined with mother-of-pearl, which is then topped with a very pure rock crystal cabochon.

The optical effect is magical, emitting a myriad of splendid colour reflections, ever changing depending on the angle of your gaze, revealing brilliant, unusual and deep colours and hues. Completed by a subtle string of diamonds, the Palloncino is a piece of magic, made possible thanks to the meticulous work of Vhernier's experienced master craftsmen in Italy, who hand-craft these pieces one by one.

The Palloncino comes in various colours: lapis, white mother of pearl, carnelian, yellow agate, turquoise, jade, or chrysoprase - the most beautifully coloured natural stones, which is why one never looks like the other. They are cut starting from the raw stone, so they adapt harmoniously to the jewels’ design.

To multiply the chic factor, why not wear two in different colours?

Source: Z.Seven