Max Fashion has just launched a new Back to School Collection inspired by the most popular mouse on the Planet. Mickey turns 90 this year and he is just as cute as ever!

The legendary character brings an element of fun and nostalgia to Max’s new collection with a colorful mix of tees, denim, cute dress, shirts and more, all infused with Mickey and Minnie details.

Over the last 90 years, Mickey has inspired millions of people who grew up with his adventures and now he’s back to brighten up your child’s first day of school! Binding generations together more than any other animated character, Mickey Mouse reminds people of all ages of the benefits of laughter, optimism and hope.

Mickey Mouse is fun, active, optimistic and a natural leader and the new Back to School Collection from Max reflects all these attributes. It sparks childhood nostalgia in adults and spreads positive vibes to children. The collection has a range of back to school clothes, backpacks and stationary that are sure to keep your kids confident and excited about getting dressed and ready for school.

From cute denim dungarees and jeans with Mickey and Minnie embroidered patches, to the more sophisticated sparkling blue dress with printed sequin and the super cosy shorts and soft tops with the Disney character’s prints, this new line of clothing leaves nothing to be desired. Let Mickey Mouse be your child’s back to school best pal this year!


Source: Memac Ogilvy PR

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