Obesity has been one of the leading health concerns that are growing at an alarming pace and affecting people of all ages in both genders. Being overweight or obese puts a person at risk for many serious health conditions - Diabetes Mellitus Type II (T2DM) is one among them.

According to Dr. Faruq Badiuddin, Consultant General Surgeon with over 35 years of experience in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery of all types, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is determined by some factors that can be modified and others that cannot. The risk of type 2 diabetes rises with increasing body weight. According to medical experts and research, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is three to seven times higher in those who are affected by obesity than in normal-weight adults.

While it is not known why some people develop insulin resistance, but it is known that obesity and lack of physical activity make it worse. The development of insulin resistance is an important component in the development of type 2 diabetes. But weight-loss can improve control or cure type 2 diabetes. Several studies, have shown that even a small amount of weight loss can prevent the onset of diabetes in even those that are pre-diabetic.

Today there are many options available to people who are looking to lose excess body weight up to 10%. Bariatric procedure is one of them. It is the non-surgical procedure that helps people lose weight without the need for surgery. Bariatric surgeries help individuals lose up to 15% of total bodyweight simply by using an intra-gastric balloon. It is an effective weight-loss tool that helps reduce body weight within a few weeks.

The Elipse Balloon, developed by Allurion Technologies USA, is a procedure-less weight loss device requiring no endoscopy or anaesthesia. It has proved to be effective and hence popular with patients and physicians alike due to its unique concept of being a non-invasive treatment option. The Elipse Balloon Program by Allurion, along with its built-in components of a lifestyle change, can help support the glycemic and weight loss goals of people with diabetes who need a kick-start for a healthier lifestyle and eating habits.

Adding to his expertise on Elipse Balloon, Dr. Faruq Badiuddin says: “The Elipse Balloon is a safe, effective and non-surgical aid for obese individuals who aspire to lose weight. It is the first in the world procedure that does not need an endoscopy or anaesthesia.”

Allurion Technologies is a leading medical device company headquartered in Natick, MA with offices in Paris, France and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2009, Allurion has developed and now manufactures and markets the Elipse Balloon, an innovative weight loss therapy for overweight and obese individuals.

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